We offer bank accounts and payment facilities:

● Ability to open accounts for individuals as well as corporate entities in EUR and GBP
● Multi-currency accounts (EUR and GBP);
● Providing our clients with the ability to make money transfers between the users accounts and transfer money to other clients (business or individuals) as well as to other money remittance business, commonly referred to as money transfer;
● Forex Services – enabling our clients to buy, sell and exchange currencies;
● Providing our customers with accounts with personals virtual UK and EU IBAN numbers;
● Incorporating an ability for our customers to be able to arrange ongoing transfers on agreed dates commonly referred as standing orders and direct debits; and
● Providing an ability for our clients to pay out from accounts in other currencies via the use of Forex.

Pricing plan options
4.99 €/£
Up to 1,000 €/£ turnover per month
9.99 €/£
Up to 5,000 €/£ turnover per month
19.99 €/£
From 5,000 €/£ turnover per month